RESLAM® – Remote Electronic Safe Lock Auditing and Management

RESLAM® Remote Open provides keyless, protected and controlled entry to high security enclosures such as those housing ATM machines, by using both smart phone and secure server technology in combination with high security electronic safe locks.

RESLAM®: a smart investment when high security, cost avoidance and simplicity are the order of the day.

RESLAM® Remote Open offers an innovative solution to the challenges faced by financial institutions, CIT companies and Independent ATM Deployers, when securing large amounts of cash.  RESLAM® Remote Open reduces dramatically the risks and the complexities encountered on a daily basis by companies who replenish ATM machines. Its geolocating ability restores control over what happens on site and the multiple choices of the communications system allow for increased flexibility and reduction of costs.

RESLAM® Remote Monitoring provides a near-realtime monitoring and automated notification system that works without the need for staff to sit and view screens of information to react to infrastructure being left open for longer that required. The system uses some artificial intelligence to optimise network usage and the impact that the system has had on changing years of behaviour has been nothing short of incredible.

The above products were developed specifically to deal with several issues that are common in the Financial, CIT and even Retail industry. Some of these issues which we can highlight here are:

  • Locks being mechanical in nature, by default are not monitored, so safes are left closed but unlocked  after hours
  • Keys, keycards and biometrics are painful and costly to manage and control lives at the lock, rather than centrally
  • Hidden costs are often not quantified and very few institutions understood the total cost of ownership of this infrastructure
  • Since ATM replenishment, door entry and availability are key performance factors, reliability is very important
  • Technology is accelerating change, it is therefor vital to future proof your investments
  • Network Connectivity enables centralised change management & control
  • Internal threats can’t be underestimated

For a well documented case study on the collaboration between RESLAM®, WiBu Systems and Kaba AG, please follow the link here: Case study: Wibu Kaba Reslam or click on the image below.

Case Study WiBu Kaba Reslam