Cash In Transit Companies

guard_checking_lock_y1CIT companies require access through cubicle doors to enclosures housing ATMs. They visit a great number of locations ranging from rural isolation to crowded malls. They are faced with different scenarios dictated by the financial institutions owning the ATMs’ infrastructure.

Reslam® gives CIT companies the simplicity of a remote management with reliable auditing, does away with the complexity and encumbrance of multiple keys, or various key systems and considerably reduces the stress levels experienced by their staff. It enables them to deal effectively with the diverse procedures set by their different clients.

Therefore the complexity of managing access constantly increases; it puts further pressure on the CIT companies’ staff, creates more potential for mistakes and adds to the already existing stress of being vulnerable in certain locations, of having to wait for extended periods of time for resolution of an access problem and therefore not being able to complete the runs in time.