Financial Institutions

girl_at_atm_yFinancial institutions currently face a number of difficulties with cubicle doors housing ATM machines. As these doors are often the first point of attack, their various locations, urban or rural, warrant very different levels of security and surveillance; these may or may not have been put in place as each site comes with its own challenges. Branch doors also need added security, such as an effective interlocking system.

RESLAM® gives financial institutions the possibility of system integration and interconnection. It reduces the costs of security in the long run as well as insurance costs. It is the ideal “fit and forget” solution and returns the control to where it belongs.

With the added problem of cost avoidance the products currently in use are often not suited to high security or banking applications. This in turn causes false alarms and unnecessary call outs, significantly increasing security expenses. In a typical setting, various staff require access to the cubicles: the financial institutions, the CIT companies as well as technicians. How do we ensure that the system runs smoothly, grants access to the people it is supposed to without asking them to carry too many keys, without inviting vandalism, whether internal or external, and with a simple link to Building Management Systems?

Financial Institutions are ideal environments for both the Reslam Remote Monitoring and Reslam Remote Open solutions. Since locking infrastructure is and was traditionally mechanical in nature, we discovered once the electronic locks were installed and brought online that many safes and vaults were closed but not locked to avoid time delays and other security measures that made opening them “inconvenient”.  This is obviously a significant risk and the installation of the Reslam Remote Monitoring solutions was wildly successful in stopping this behaviour overnight.