IOT Security Foundation Conference London 2018visit to the IoT Security Foundation

The knowledge transfer continues! Our second visit as members to the London-based IoT Security Foundation conference where Ken presented a paper in conjunction with WiBu Systems from Germany.
The conference touched on many interesting topics and we were left with two important themes around the protection of code associated with things such as autonomous vehicles and the significant risk to encryption posed by the advent of quantum computing.

Peter Cordiner, Ken Metcalf and Dorian Cordiner attend the 2018 IoT Security Foundation conference at the IET Savoy Place in London.

ATMIA Madrid 2018

ATMIA Madrid 2018

Many faces, some old, some new as you can see the team couldn’t be more proud to be the Bronze Sponsors of a highly specialised, well organised conference and show.

The Reslam and Dormakaba team standing together at the Eurostars Hotel in Madrid for another successful ATMIA show.

Global Security Exchange (GSX) Las Vegas 2018

GSX was an amazing event with over 20k attendees gathering from a variety of different fields within the security industry.

Dorian Cordiner, Ken Metcalf and Peter Cordiner at the Reslam stand in Las Vegas for the GSX show.

ATMIA Las Vegas 2018

Alastair Cordiner with Elizabeth Cox at the TimeMater stand at the 2018 ATMIA show in Las Vegas. The 2018 ATMIA show was the biggest show in ATMIAs history.

TimeMaster with Reslam in Las Vegas

ATMIA Africa 2017 – The Maslow Hotel Johannesburg

RESLAM® were privileged to be the Platinum Sponsor of the 2017 ATMIA Africa Convention in Johannesburg, South Africa in October 2017.

RESLAM® Platinum Sponsorship of ATMIA Africa 2017

An advanced plexi model of a branch was built to demonstrate the full capabilities of the RESLAM® solution, including monitoring and interlocking of mission critical infrastructure.

Reslam also presented a paper on Cyber Security titled Effective Data and IP Protection in a Cyber Sensitive World which was very well received by the delegates in attendance.

ATMIA ATM and Payments Security 2017 – The Tower Hotel, London

Reslam were privileged to participate and exhibit at the ATMIA ATM and Payments Security 2017, which was held at the Tower Hotel in London.

RESLAM® host a stand at the ATMIA ATM and Payments Security 2017 in London

This years conference featured many top speakers from around the globe, especially on the topic of Cybersecurity. These speakers shared valuable lessons learned from recent events such as the WanaCry and Petya/Not Petya ransomware attacks as well as the recent Equifax data breach.

In attendance at the convention were (from left to right): Mr Ken Metcalf, Mr Alastair Cordiner and Mr Anselem Martin.

ATM Security Convention 2015 – London UK

ATMIA Security - London
We were privileged to host a stand at the ATM Security Convention in London in October 2015.

RESLAM® host a stand at the ATM Security Convention in London

With a powerful list of delegates and some thought provoking discussions, the Convention proved to be a huge success.

In attendance at the convention were (from left to right): Mr Ken Metcalf, Mr Peter Cordiner and Mr Rasmus Sundberg.

ATM MARKETPLACE: Three problems, One Solution

Please head over to the ATM Marketplace to read the article about “Three problems, One Solution”. The article briefly describes how the existing RESLAM® technology can be applied to assist in securing the enclosure of ATM machines in addition to all the functionality already it performs within the ATM enclosure.

RESLAM® featured in ATM Marketplace

ATM and Mobile Innovation Summit 2015 – Washington DC

We were privileged to attend for the second year the  ATM and Mobile Innovation summit in Washington DC in September 2015.

RESLAM® visit the Mobile Innovation Summit in Washington DC

With a powerful list of delegates and some thought provoking discussions, the summit proved to be a huge success.

Ken Metcalf was a participant in a thought provoking panel which set out to discuss the current trends in security and data breaches.

Find us at the ATMIA Africa Conference!

We look forward to meeting you there

RESLAM hd_africa

Intelligent’s beyond just a security solution

See you in London for the ATMIA Show!

RESLAM Security 15-London banner

What cannot be seen, cannot be compromised.

Very Successful Visit to the ESTA Conference 2015 in Berlin

RESLAM Esta2015

ESTA Came and Went and What an Awesome Event!

ESTA:The Cash Management Companies Association

The 2015 year’s conference will be held in Berlin, Germany on May 31st to June 2nd. The conference will be organised in partnership with the Bundesvereiningung Deutscher Geld- und Wertdienste (BDGW)

Visit us to see how we can add value to your organization

The theme An Evolving Cash Market will follow up on last year’s innovation topic and will deal with the capacity of evolution of our industry to a changing cash environment in order to address new challenges and revisit our business models to generate more value for our Members and our clients.

Update: ATMIA USA 2015 USA: 17-19 February Las Vegas


Reslam had a very successful show at the annual USA ATMIA conference in Las Vegas in February 2015.  The stand was well attended with good interest from many market sectors.

We took two of the ever popular Plexi demo safe units to show clients the Reslam system in operation.

Reslam Team at ATMIA USA 2015

Our USA distributor, Time Master Inc co-hosted the booth with Reslam this year, showcasing some of their new products at the show as well.

ATMIA USA 2015 USA: 17-19 February Las Vegas

ATMIA Las Vegas 2015ATMIA USA’s annual conference and expo is the largest ATM-focused event in the world. Make plans now to attend the 2015 conference in Las Vegas!

ATMIA USA 2015 USA: 17-19 February Las Vegas

The theme for this next ATMIA USA conference is: “Enhancing the Consumers Self-Service Experience”

Over 100 exhibit booths to showcase products and services in the largest ATM industry exhibit hall. Come and see the latest technologies.

Please come and visit us at the Time-Master stand: Booth number 619/621 at ATMIA USA 2015

Video shown on ATM Marketplace discussing RESLAM® from Washington DC Conference

ATMIAVidThe following video was recorded at the ATMIA ATM and Mobile Innovation summit where the RESLAM® product was launched for the USA Market.

RESLAM® product launch for USA in Washington DC

It covers many of the key features which make RESLAM™ an attractive solution for a wide variety of industries and environments.

The solution was one developed out of necessity to reduce the reliance on anything external on doors as well as large quantities of keys which needed to be managed.

The video as featured on The ATM Marketplace presents a succinct synopsis of both the roots of the solution as well as the many benefits.

Reslam Demo Plexi Safe with Kaba Mauer front door Lock


To demonstrate the various features of the Reslam solution we crafted a custom designed plexi-safe which features a Kaba Mauer Code Combi B lock on the front door, interlocked with a Kaba Axessor IP lock running on the ATM door.

RESLAM® plexi-safe demonstration unit

The Axessor lock in the online version of the lock using the E-b@x which then enables additional input and output.

To demonstrate all the various features, the plexi-safe is fitted with LED lights at the bottom of the safe and these will light up depending on what state the door and ATM are in.

The LED lights further demonstrate features such as alarm testing and CCTV activation.  The I/O can also enable the unit to act as a secondary hidden alarm channel.

ATMIA Africa – Lagoon Beach, Cape Town

Africa-14-bannerThe variety of highly qualified speakers, the quality of the services provided by exhibitors is well known and ATMIA looks forward to welcoming you to the conference from 6-8 October 2014 at the stunning location of Lagoon Beach Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa.

RESLAM® product featured at the ATMIA Africa 2014 event

The conference programme is rich in case studies and forward looking assessments of where payments are going and the vital role cash and ATMs will play long into the future. We are calling on all ATM deployers, both banks and independent ATM operators, to come and find out about ATMIA’s new international and certified ATM Operators’ online training programme which will be demonstrated at this anniversary event.”

ATMIA ATM and Mobile Innovation Summit – Washington DC

Summit550We were privileged to attend the ATMIA ATM and Mobile Innovation summit in Washington DC in September 2014.

RESLAM® product launch for USA in Washington DC

With a powerful list of delegates and some thought provoking discussions, the summit proved to be a huge success.

Our objective is to add value as we have been doing for the past 25 years.