RESLAM Remote Monitor

The Reslam Remote Monitor system was developed to enable near realtime monitoring of the Kaba Axessor IP and CIT locks. Further development has enabled the Reslam system to integrate into other locking systems and provide similar functionality to that which is available to the Axessor locking range.

RESLAM®: uses high security hardware USB protection keys which are issued on a per client basis.

The key selling point for this monitoring system is that it works without the need to have a person watching the screens.  The system automatically generates notifications which are escalated up a given chain of command if action is not taken.

The Reslam Remote Monitor system is a Windows Based application developed using the latest Windows technologies and is protected by Wibu Systems high security USB dongles. (See:

RESLAM Remote Open

The birth of Reslam was the ability to use a patented high security system of multi-factor authentication to geo-locate and open remote ATM bunker/cubicle doors using mobile phone technology.

One client quoted: “It is like a Swiss Army knife for quick troubleshooting and security checks”

The mobile phones are used in conjunction with specifically developed Kaba Axessor locks and a hardened backend server system which is protected by Wibu Systems USB high security dongles. (See:

The solution also boasts several other key features such as lock diagnostics, and the ability to integrate into certain models of IP security cameras for the purposes of snap-shotting the entrance into the ATM bunker/cubicle. The camera feature can also be used as a real time diagnostic tool to have a quick look at a specific cubicle to see if there is any live activity.

Reslam Web Services (Beta)

Reslam are currently beta testing a comprehensive set of Web Services which will allow for highly secure but simplified access to locking and Reslam system information. The thinking behind this project is to provide a simplified and unified interface for companies to obtain information from various ranges of online locking solutions rather than having to go through the pain of integrating into each kind of system individually.

RESLAM Secure Server Versions

Reslam Lite: Designed for installations with up to 50 locks. This package includes one dongle for the server software.

Reslam Professional: Designed for installations with between 50 and 500 locks. This package includes two security dongles for enabling disaster recovery and/or redundancy.

Reslam Enterprise: Designed for installations with more than 500 locks. This system is typically aimed at corporate institutions that have a large number of widely distributed sites. This package includes two security dongles for enabling disaster recovery and/or redundancy. Further support and training benefits are made available for enterprise customers.

All our server products run on Windows Server technology and are protected in realtime by Wibu Systems secure USB hardware dongles.

RESLAM Smart Phone Applications

Currently the RESLAM® smartphone application is available on both the iOS and Android platforms. This application provides a “thin-client” front end to accomplish the on-site functionality provided by the Reslam Remote Open System.