If you’re a bank, financial institution, CIT company, independent ATM deployer or large retail chain, then you will need to secure high value assets and manage entry to high security enclosures. Protected by global industry leader Wibu-Systems, RESLAM puts security control and monitoring where it belongs: in your hands.

We use the geolocation capacity of smart phone technology via multiple-communication networks connected to secure server technology to bring you the security dashboard of the future.

Remote Monitor

The RESLAM® Remote Monitor enables near real-time lock monitoring without requiring personnel to manage monitoring stations. The system automatically generates notifications by exception which are escalated up a given chain of command until appropriate action is taken.

*Twin graphical interfaces can be used in a monitoring control room to display current lock and other activities.

Remote Open

RESLAM®’s patented high security system of multi-factor authentication opens remote ATM bunker/cubicle doors using mobile phone geo-location technology. Included in the solution are key features such as interlocking, lock diagnostics and integrating IP security cameras for snapshotting views of the entrance into the ATM bunker/cubicle.

Web Services

RESLAM® offers a comprehensive set of Web Services which allow for ultra-secure high-level access to system-wide locking information. The Web Services allow for selected RESLAM® functionalities to be integrated with external software that your company may use. The Web Services allow for more flexibility to fit within differing environments.

Smart Phone Client Applications

The RESLAM® Smart Phone Application (Thin Client) represents a single secure interface to open a variety of locks, including safe locks, ATM locks and even front door locks for premises. The application includes advanced AES encryption, logging and GPS tracking features and is available on both the iOS and Android platforms.


RESLAM® enables an ultra-secure method of gaining access to enclosures without any expensive external identification equipment. The RESLAM® system is completely keyless as the real access security is hidden inside making it less vulnerable to vandalism and attack. This is invisible intelligence resulting in visibly reduced costs.

lloT Enabler

If you can connect it, RESLAM® can monitor it. With its ability to send input and receive output from external devices, RESLAM® can monitor any part of your lock estate. This includes a wide range of surveillance equipment, such as cameras, motion and seismic detectors and gas sensors. This enables
RESLAM® to act as a secondary alarm channel.


The highly disruptive RESLAM® technology uses the geo-location capability of encrypted smart phones via secure encrypted multi-channel networks to bring you the security monitoring dashboard of the future. Leveraging big data to give you the information that you require to continuously harden your security systems.

Besides safe, ATM, and vault locks, if you have additional electronic devices that require monitoring, we can do that too. Think a variety of sensors, cameras, security lights, switches, and backup battery power;  all can be monitored within one integrated solution.

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