Professional Security – Keyless ATM 2021

Professional Security Online Magazine - Keyless ATM 2021

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electronics circuit chip microchip

Kr00k the Vulnerability Affecting Billions of Devices

Summary: ESET researchers discovered a ‘previously unknown vulnerability’ in Wi-Fi chips and named it Kr00k. More than a billion devices are affected…

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DDoS Attack explained

South Africa Under Attack

South Africa has faced a week of sophisticated DDoS attacks. Literally one week prior, the City of Joburg was slapped in the face with a ransom note…

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capital one logo

Capital One Breach – Internal Attack?

Announced by Capital One Financial Corporation themselves on the 19 July 2019, it was determined that unauthorized access by an external person…

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Frankenstein cartoon

Open-source Frankenstein

A series of cyber attacks which are labelled as the "Frankenstein" campaign have been identified by Cisco Talos. Frankenstein, due to the open-source…

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tiled cash and guns

Cash-in-transit Thieves Bounty of R1m

SBV South Africa place bounty on cash-in-transit thieves. As seen from the tweet from SBV themselves, they are asking for any information that may…

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html sign up today loyalty program

Loyalty Programs – Opportunity for Hackers

Faithful customers are handing in their personal data in return for rewards, yet hackers are stealing the rewards along with your personal data.…

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tiled rands colourful ZAR

Interest for a Digital Rand

The South African Reserve Bank, SARB has released an expression of interest has been issued for the feasibility of the project for the issuance of…

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phone with sim card

SIM Hijacking – ‘The Community’

Cyber theft ring 'The Community' manages to steal over $2.4 million.  Nine members, eight American and one Irishman between the ages of 19 and 28, of…

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